The logo of "maier" - Möbelspedition Maier e.K., written in red lower case letters. Below the main logo are three German words in capital letters and white lettering: "umzug logistik lagerung", which refers to the services offered by the company.

Archive and library relocation

Over 40 years of experience

Accuracy and data protection at the highest level

Reduce downtimes to a minimum!

Using modern aids such as file transport trolleys for standing files/hanging files and security boxes, we transport your files to the new archive in a system-compatible manner.

We place the highest value on precision and data protection. Our fitters dismantle and assemble your shelving systems and mobile shelving units professionally and precisely. We also transport heavy literature, whether valuable parts or entire collections, safely, accurately and efficiently.

We will be happy to work with you to draw up a comprehensive implementation plan to ensure that your long-established systematic storage system does not become disorganized. We can also arrange a professional book cleaning service for you.

Simply contact us - we will tailor a move to suit your needs.

Overview of our services

What we provide for your archive move

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when moving


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