The logo of "maier" - Möbelspedition Maier e.K., written in red lower case letters. Below the main logo are three German words in capital letters and white lettering: "umzug logistik lagerung", which refers to the services offered by the company.

About us

About us

In a nutshell - about us - Möbelspedition Maier E.K.

The company was founded in 1983 by owner Dieter Maier with one employee and one vehicle. Just seven years later, due to high demand, the company was able to move into its new headquarters in Überlingen and welcome customers to its own premises. The resulting added value, in combination with the removal service and temporary storage, made it possible to respond to individual customer needs.

In 1992, our second branch was opened in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, significantly expanding our catchment area and providing customers with a further point of contact and advice. Today, after more than 30 years of operation and experience in the areas of private, company and project removals, with a total of 19 employees, we have been able to expand our furniture storage in swap bodies through innovative vehicle technology, among other things.

The competitiveness and expertise of the family-owned company established itself on the market with a high level of quality.

In order to ensure the continued existence of Möbelspedition Maier, the family business was handed over to the son, Dennis Maier, in 2015 after a long period of planning.

Moving is a matter of trust!

Our philosophy

From the very beginning, our family business has been aware that every move involves a major change for the customer and that the service provided by a specialist company also means an intrusion into your privacy. Therefore, we do not want to disappoint the trust placed in us and internalize this principle in every single employee.

Friendly, competent, reliable, helpful and discreet, we would like to accompany you from the first contact to your successful move-in. Only through individual and customized planning can we offer you the "ideal" service. This is a matter of course for us and is practiced every day.

Well-trained, hard-working and loyal employees are the basis of our success.

Thanks to their many years of professional experience and regular training, our employees are the "figurehead" of this company. Hard-working, reliable and with consistently high quality, our team moves mountains of boxes and furniture. On your big day, our specialists will be at your side to help you complete your move quickly and comfortably.

Good quality reduces costs, poor quality increases costs. Our customers are becoming more and more aware of this through the media and it ensures our success. The quality that is a matter of course for us begins with the preparation of the offer right through to the collection of the removal boxes.

After the service has been provided, we send out a customer survey, which shows that over 95% of all customers would use our services again.

Over 40 years of company history

Our history

Foundation stone for the next 40 - New building

Something is also happening spatially: the long-planned new building in Überlingen had its ground-breaking ceremony at the end of October! A modern office and warehouse building with self-storage and an automatic crane system for container handling is being built

The anniversary - 40 years

40 years of Möbelspedition Maier e.K. The constantly successful growth makes an expansion of the company inevitable. In the meantime, 33 employees stand behind Möbelspedition Maier. We would like to thank our customers, suppliers and employees for their trust and cooperation.

Even more expertise

Orders and requirements are increasing at a pleasing rate and we have also strengthened our external and internal services as well as our scheduling department by creating two additional jobs, for which we have also been able to recruit specialists with many years of experience. The Maier removal company now has eight specialist advisors at your disposal for all aspects of your move

Our branch office is moving

Our branch in Friedrichshafen has moved with bag and baggage and now offers storage facilities, the sale of moving materials and of course comprehensive on-site support in an extended area at Rohrbach 13 in 88045 Friedrichshafen. We look forward to opening the doors!

Growth despite the pandemic!

A very special, not quite easy year, for all tradespeople as well as for all of us privately. Nevertheless, Möbelspedition Maier e.K. continues to grow steadily. Our team has made a big leap and has now grown to 27 employees. We don't neglect the next generation either: at the moment we have the privilege of being able to train two colleagues as specialists for kitchen, furniture and removal services.

Full speed ahead!

After a successful 2017 financial year, we are pleased to welcome our customers to a newly renovated depot. It is striking that the fleet has been supplemented by two EURO-6 vehicles with modified vehicle advertising in order to be able to continue to offer environmentally friendly, ecological and easily recognizable removals in local and long-distance transport. We are also proud to welcome another young man to the "office" team.

Modern technology

A modern and reliable Euro 6 long-distance van has been added to the fleet for the constantly growing national removals business. In addition, a quiet and powerful furniture lift, which aims high, is now available to our employees and customers as strong and speedy support.

Intra-family succession in the company

After many years of preparation and planning, the family business is successfully handed over to the son, Dennis Maier. Mr. Dieter Maier is very satisfied and optimistic about his new, quieter challenge, the sale of well-preserved household goods.

The anniversary - 30 years

30 years of Möbelspedition Maier e.K. The constantly successful growth makes an expansion of the company inevitable. In the meantime, 19 employees stand behind Möbelspedition Maier. We would like to thank our customers, suppliers and employees for their trust and cooperation.

The laying

Our branch moves into a larger office in Friedrichshafen in order to be able to provide a larger stock of packaging materials on site.

Storage in swap bodies

Investment in swap bodies and swap body vehicles to meet modern and economical storage requirements. 15 employees, of whom we are very proud, and modern vehicles

The extension

We now have 10 permanent employees and a fleet of 3 trucks. International removals to and from Lake Constance are an integral part of our business.

The opening in Friedrichshafen

Due to high demand, a second branch is opened in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. Customer advice, viewing appointments and packaging materials are provided from there.

The relocation of the company

The current company headquarters in Überlingen is built with a large adjoining hall. 5 employees have found an employer at Möbelspedition Maier and meet the increasing demand for removals and storage.

The foundation year

The founder, Dieter Maier, starts the business with one truck and one employee. Used household goods are transported to countries in need. The removal service starts at the same time.


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