The logo of "maier" - Möbelspedition Maier e.K., written in red lower case letters. Below the main logo are three German words in capital letters and white lettering: "umzug logistik lagerung", which refers to the services offered by the company.

Company and project relocation

Over 40 years of experience

Your forwarding agent for commercial removal services!

Reduce downtimes to a minimum!

Every successful company relocation requires special requirements and an individual solution. Möbelspedition Maier has a high level of experience and expertise in planning, advising and carrying out company relocations.

We help you to handle the entire project professionally. During the planning phase, we work closely with your project manager. We support you in cataloging and photographing your inventory, apply for the special permits required for transport and take out insurance appropriate to the value of the property. If necessary, a move can also be carried out at night or at the weekend
- After all, time is money, and your staff's work should not be hindered by a move. Downtime should also be kept to a minimum in order to maintain your company's general business operations. If the move takes place within your company building, on the company premises or within the same city, then your employees can leave their desks in the evening and continue working in the new domicile the next morning.

We are happy to pass on the experience we have gained over the years to reduce your staff absences to a minimum. Proper planning and a perfect flow of information create security and peace of mind for your company and your employees.

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