The logo of "maier" - Möbelspedition Maier e.K., written in red lower case letters. Below the main logo are three German words in capital letters and white lettering: "umzug logistik lagerung", which refers to the services offered by the company.

Private move

Private move

How we can help

Every private move is as individual as you are and therefore requires thorough planning and preparation according to your needs and wishes. Our experienced and trained permanent staff will be happy to assist you with your move to or from the Lake Constance region, for example in the following cities SingingPfullendorfConstance, Friedrichshafen or in Ravensburg. With our full service, we are happy to accompany you throughout the entire move. Of course, you can also choose the partial services you are interested in from our extensive range and take care of the rest yourself.

A move always means the start of a new phase in life.


Our service overview


The standard move includes the following service:


The comfort move includes the following service:


The exclusive move includes the following service:

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Step by step to your new home

1. your removal request

Are you planning a spatial change? We would be happy to visit you personally at home to provide you with a reliable Cost calculation to create. Yours Moving consultant discusses all services and your moving date with you.
If you are not on site or traveling a lot, we also offer digital options to help you non-binding a Offer to be able to create.
You can also find helpful tips on moving house

2. packing material for your move

Would you like to start packing? We will be happy to provide you with Packing material so that you can pack at your leisure. If you are unsure about any of the items, we will be happy to help you pack them. Feel free to call us for helpful tips on packing and stowing.

What you need for your move Packaging material is supported by our Removal consultant determined on site and detailed in the Cost estimate listed. Special packaging is available for your wardrobe, televisions, pictures, books and porcelain.

3. reliable and punctual execution of the move

Expect our experienced Team punctual on site and let our Specialists one smooth, pleasant and professional Carry out the move. Helpful and friendly we are at your side before, during and after your move!

+ Moving boxes

We offer professional quality moving boxes from €2.00! Delivery & collection are also possible.

Moving boxes from 2,00€ in professional quality!


Further information

We tailor your move to your needs.

Checklist for moving PDF

A checklist helps you not to forget anything important and serves as a guide.

Frequently asked questions

You can rent or buy quality cardboard boxes from your removal company. Please do not skimp on quality here, as this cardboard is the most important packaging and protection during the move. The boxes must be stable, especially at the bottom, and stackable for transportation.

We will supply you with sufficient packing materials in good time. If you do not need everything, we will of course take the materials back on the day of the move.

For the removal company, the quantity to be transported, transport routes, floors, elevator, required packing material, holding conditions, disassembly and reassembly, packing or unpacking work are relevant.
The best way to provide you with a suitable offer is to arrange a viewing.
Alternatively, you can fill out an online questionnaire or removal goods list yourself and send it to the removal company.

Whoever packs is also liable. Certain valuables, animals and plants or electronic equipment are generally not insured, even if removal companies take care of the move. The insured value is the current value. The current value is the new value with an appropriate deduction for age and use. However, the maximum is EUR 620 per cubic meter.

An exclusion of liability for the removal company arises if damage is caused by a so-called "unavoidable event". This includes, for example, accidental damage as a result of black ice or if property damage is caused by third parties that cannot be identified.

Anyone wishing to insure themselves against such "unavoidable events" should take out appropriate removal transport insurance. This transport insurance can be taken out either for the replacement value or the current value of the items to be insured. The cost of such insurance depends on the individual requirements of the person moving. Initial advice can usually be provided by the removal company, which can also take out the policy for the customer.

Any damage caused during the move must first be documented accordingly. In the case of particularly vulnerable objects (such as particularly bulky furniture), it is advisable to document the condition before the move - for example with appropriate photos. Anyone wishing to make a claim to the removal company must observe the statutory deadlines. "If possible, damage should be reported to the team leader immediately during the move and recorded on the work slip. Obvious damage must be reported to the removal company in writing no later than the day after delivery. Damage that is not obvious must be reported to the removal company no later than 14 days after delivery. In general, the damage must be specified and reported in writing.

If you have any further questions, please call us.

High customer satisfaction

Feedback on our private removals

The furniture removal company Maier carried out a move for me within the same city. The staff were very polite and competent. They did it with such professionalism and speed that it was just great! I can unreservedly recommend Möbelspedition Maier!

Uli Wild - January 2024

Private move


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The logo of "maier" - Möbelspedition Maier e.K., written in red lower case letters. Below the main logo are three German words in capital letters and white lettering: "umzug logistik lagerung", which refers to the services offered by the company.

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