The logo of "maier" - Möbelspedition Maier e.K., written in red lower case letters. Below the main logo are three German words in capital letters and white lettering: "umzug logistik lagerung", which refers to the services offered by the company.



Testimonials from our customers

We commissioned the company Maier-Umzüge from Überlingen for our move. From the initial contact to the completion of all the work, everything was very customer-oriented and perfect. perfect. Very good advice, concrete offer preparation and, above all, the move itself was qualified and friendly specialist staff with professional tools. Everything went really well. Many thanks to the whole team!

Joe W. - March 2024

Private move

Many thanks to the men and planners at Möbelspedition Maier. Very good work, fast, clean, and very careful not to break anything, everything was always packed. Instead of the planned 2 days everything was done in one day. We can only recommend Möbelspedition Maier. VG Fam. Merkel Deggenhausertal

Michael Merkel - March 2024

Private move

The furniture removal company Maier carried out a move for me within the same city. within the same city. The staff were very polite and competent. They did it with a professionalism and with a speed that was just great! I can unreservedly recommend Möbelspedition Maier!

Uli Wild - January 2024

Private move

This is the third time we have moved with Maier and it has been outstanding every time. The employees are very motivated and do a very good job as a team.

Philipp Maier - March 2023

Private move

Good service and cheap to store things.

Thomas Bogen - March 2024

File and archive storage

Professional, competent and very friendly team. In just under 2 hours the furniture was of my entire medical practice. Highly recommended. Wolfram Schweizer - January 2024

Company and project relocation

Exceptionally careful, reliable and speedy planning and execution of our move. move.

Wolfgang Meissner - December 2023

Private move

Super service, fast and clean work. High praise and many thanks! I can only recommend Möbelspedition Maier to others.

Bärbel Welle - February 2023

Private move

Top service and always nice and helpful, from the first contact until long after the final invoice! 🙂 The move went phenomenally well and was completed even faster and cheaper than predicted. Thank you for the great work!

Oliver Pluczinski - March 2023

Private move

The removal company did the move for my mother and they were punctual, friendly and did a good job. did a good job. We are very satisfied. Thanks also to Dragan and Nedzat, you did a great job.

Marion Riether - February 2022

Senior move

Moving company Maier presented us with the perfect service! Their employees were super friendly and professional from the first phone call to the moment when Adi in Martín drove up with the Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill truck, brilliant! The staff were thoughtful and thoughtful and did an impressive job. How how they transported our cupboards, plants and furniture looked superhuman at times :-). We would be happy to move with Maiers again at any time!

Daniel Urbat from USTOMED INSTRUMENTE - February 2022

Company and project relocation

Successful return move from the USA to Lake Constance with the furniture removal company Maier. Once again everything went very smoothly. - Thank you very much!

B. Garner

Overseas move

I would like to thank you very much for your work, which was very uncomplicated and professional.

I. Schabel - October 2014

Private move

Many thanks to your team, who did a very good job and also to Ms. König for her competent advice. I will be using you again for my next move.

S. Westermayer - August 2014

Private move

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